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Find My DownPayment Now!


For most home buyers, the biggest obstacle to purchasing a home is the ability to save money for the down payment. In every city across the country there are special programs with no money down, grants for down payment assistance or below market interest rates to help home buyers. There are programs from the federal, state, local governments, non-profit organizations, and other institutions(click on "Program Information" to get more details).

DOWNPAYMENTFINDER.COM streamlines the process by allowing you to create a home buyer profile and then searches multiple assistance programs finding the program or programs that best fit your goals and circumstances.

DOWNPAYMENTFINDER.COM will give you step by step guidance on how to obtain your special home financing and make your dream of home ownership a reality!


Most down payment assistance and special financing programs have guidellines you must meet. Some of these guidelines include income limits, sales price limits, location limitations whether you are a first-time buyer and so on.

DOWNPAYMENTFINDER.COM has an exclusive search engine designed to streamline the search process for you.   This automated search process will save you time and help you find special programs that you may have never found.

By completing the qualification form you create your home buyer profile.  Once your home buyer profile has been established, we match your profile to down payment assistance and other special financing programs in our extensive database. Next we match your home buyer profile and programs with a lender or agency that specializes in that program.

Within 24 hours of completing you home buyer profile, you will be contacted by that lender to discuss how to apply for and obtain your down payment assistance or other special financing.


At we realize the significance of home ownership and the responsibility that comes with being integrally involved in the process. Our actions and values reflect:

  • Responsibility to the customer wanting to purchase a home, to provide accurate, thorough information about available down payment assistance and other special financing programs so they are able to choose the option that best suites their needs.

  • Responsibility to the community to increase home ownership

  • Responsibility to always act in a professional manner, to create value for our business partners which include: banks, mortgage companies, Realtors, builders, counseling agencies, and home service providers.
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